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Artist /illustrator




Once, while drawing flamenco dancers with a simple marker, I realised that there is no more lively and driving matter than a line. You can take the rock paintings of Altamira, or Rembrandt’s painting, or the canvases of Basquiat or Cy Twombly — everywhere we see that artists resort to the line as the main tool of the image. It creates form, and it also destroys it. So I paint portraits of people, experimenting with marker lines, trying to tame the chaos they create.


Most of all I love to draw people, studying their inner world, relationship to life, relationship with the surrounding space. Usually these are all fictional characters. I study the emotion on a person’s face. Wide or narrow cheekbones, different eye shapes, emotions that leave a mark on the face - what distinguishes these people, can their unstoppable inner strength come out with simple marker strokes?




Mont De Piete / Brussels / 2022

Aeterna Gallery / Brussels / 2022

Kalita Gallery / Kyiv / 2014


NAOMA Art Academy Gallery / Kyiv / 2015


CeRCCa / Barcelona / 2011

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